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Halo Wars Demo Coming Soon

Posted by haunt506e on January 24, 2009

Halo Wars

Just as I, and presumably thousands of other gamers, had hoped, a Halo Wars Demo has been announced, and will be avialable for download off of the Xbox Live Marketplace in less than two weeks.  I’ve done several other posts on the game, but, as far as gameplay goes, not many game sites have had the chance to play Halo Wars.  On February 5th, gamers around the world will be able to experience this revolutionary title for themselves.

The demo includes a “Beginner” Tutorial as well as an “Advanced” Tutorial, which will allows new players to get the hang of the game’s controls, which have been specifically designed for the 360’s controller.  When you’ve figured out the basics, Ensemble has also packaged the first two Campaign missions with the demo as well, so you can get a brief view of Halo War’s deep story, set 20 years before the events of the first Halo.  When you’re done playing the Campaign modes, the demo is also packaged with Chasms, one of Halo Wars’ 14 multiplayer maps.  However, the announcements were a little fuzzy on whether the demo would feature multiplayer over Xbox Live, like the real game will.  I do know that players can play against the A.I. as either the Covenants or the USNC Marines, so players will be able to check out both armies.

The game looks very promising, and the demo will either guarantee more sales or less, depending on how well the game plays.  For me, the only way that this game could get screwed up is if Ensemble’s control schemes were a little on the cumbersome side.  However, I’ve read in several magazines and on several news sites that, despite RTS Games generally failing on the 360, Halo Wars’ will hopefully break that mold.  Check out the Halo Wars demo this February 5th, and, if you can’t wait, you can check out the Halo Wars Video Documentary on Xbox Live in the Video Marketplace.


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Halo Wars Gets a Delayed Release Date

Posted by haunt506e on December 8, 2008

Halo WarsHalo Wars, Ensemble Studio’s last project as Ensemble, takes the Halo franchise to the real-time strategy battlefield, where players assume control of hundreds of units, rather than just one single character.  If you haven’t heard of Ensemble studios, you’ll perhaps recognize them by their flagship franchise, Age of Empires.  While Age of Empires has lost its appeal and steam over the past few years, Halo Wars has done nothing but gather up its own layer of hype.  It always astounds me how the gaming community gets so excited for each successive Halo release, yet get pissed off at the developers when the game finally releases.  It doesn’t make much sense to me, but maybe gamers should just stop setting their hopes up so high.

Halo Wars Screenshot

Originally intended as an RTS, the Halo franchise finally makes its way into the strategy genre in Halo Wars.

Anyways, an earlier post here at The Update has outlined the game’s various release packages, the two of which are aimed at the casual gamers and hardcore collectors, respectively.  The game, while exclusive to the Xbox 360, is shaping up to be one hell of a purchase, for RTS fans or Halo fans alike.  For those interested, Halo Wars delves further into Halo’s rich lore (most of which has been developed over time in the Halo novels), and puts you in command of different units from the Halo universe, some of which are taken from the novels in addition to the games.

There have already been several videos posted up around the net on Halo Wars, as well as a few trailers posted up on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  If you’ve got the time, I encourage you to check them out, there’s several good ones in there, including a lengthy game play preview.

So yes, Halo Wars is coming out, but now, the reason for this blog post.  Halo Wars was originally slated for a release date near the end of February.  The U.S. release has now been delayed, however, and Halo Wars’ release has now turned into one of the only times I have seen the European players get the game before the U.S. players (in Xbox 360 releases that is).  For those interested, Halo Wars will debute on February 27th for European players, and on March 3rd for U.S. players.  The game is pretty high up on my list of games to buy for 2008, so I’ll have to see how well it turns out.

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Halo Wars Confirmed Release Date

Posted by haunt506e on November 6, 2008

Today Microsoft has announced, in addition to Halo Wars’s release date window of February, that, like Halo 3, the game will be sold in different editions.  While Halo Wars’s release won’t be as robust as that of Halo 3, it will still feature 2 different versions of the game: standard and collector’s.  However, these different editions will not be priced as high as Halo 3’s collector editions, and the highest edition of Halo Wars has a price set at $79.99.  It’s kind of a gimmick in my opinion to go out and buy a “collector’s” edition of a game, but if it sells, then I don’t see why not.  I bought the Halo 3 collector’s edition (not the legendary) for $69.99 last year in September, and, while at first I was diggin’ the metallic case and all that, now it’s kind of a waste, especially because it won’t fit with the rest of my games in my games rack thing.  I probably won’t be buying anymore collector’s edition games for a while.  But hey, if you’re into that kind of collecting thing, more power to you.

Standard Edition ($59.99):

-Game Disc

-Instruction Manual

Collector’s Edition ($79.99):

-Game Disc

-Instruction Manual

-Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack

-Bonus In-Game Vehicle, the Honor Guard Wraith

-6 Cards describing the various major in-game characters

-A “Spirit of Fire” Crewmember Patch

-The Halo Wars: Genesis Graphic Novel

In addition to these features, if you preorder the game at select retailers, you’ll get a free download code for an in-game Warthog with flaming decals.  I look forward to the release of Halo Wars early next year, and am ready to kick some Covenant ass in a larger scale.

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