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I’m currently looking for two other blog writers, specifically one that owns and actively plays either the Wii or the PS3, or both.  Send me a short application (including name, platforms, systems owned, why you want to blog here, and previous blogging background) to  I’m looking for active writers who enjoy writing about video games as a hobby.

I’m looking specifically for a PS3 and/or a Wii writer, but it wouldn’t hurt if you owned an additional console system or a computer for gaming.  In other words, owning and playing multiple consoles will help your chances.

[Your Name Here] – PS3 writer.

[Your Name Here] – Wii writer.

[Your Name Here] – PC writer.

To get straight down to the point, however, I’m pretty much just looking to expand The Update’s staff.  So if you’re a bit talented in terms of writing, and you have enough time to gather news stories and write at least one to two posts a week, send me an email.  At this point, chances are high that you’ll get accepted, regardless of how you game.

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