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Left 4 Dead Survival Guide

Posted by haunt506e on January 11, 2009

Left 4 Dead Survival Guide

Left 4 Dead Survival GuideLeft 4 Dead took the world of multiplayer gaming by storm earlier in the fourth quarter of 2008 when it released the amazingly addictive cooperative and adversarial multiplayer model that defines the core of its game play.  While a first play through in normal mode or possibly even easy mode will leave you aching for more, the game doesn’t really pick up the pace until Advanced or Expert mode, where teams must really come together if they hope to survive the zombie apocalypse.

That’s not to say that the game isn’t fun if it isn’t played in Expert mode.  On the contrary, the following strategies won’t really be necessary unless you and your teammates are playing on at least Advanced mode, or in Versus mode.

The following “Survival Guide” will teach you just that: how to survive in Left 4 Dead’s zombie-infested universe.  I’ll be covering a few general tactics, as well as a vast multitude of tactics specific to dealing with the game’s infected “classes.”  I will be detailing how to survive in Left 4 Dead, so you’ll have to wait for a little while until I can upload an “infected” guide.

This guide will assist any players who are playing either the cooperative, splitscreen, or solo Campaign mode, or when these players are on the survivors side during a Versus match.

In addition, I’d also like to note that all block quotes used in this guide are taken directly from Left 4 Dead’s user manual, specifically the Xbox 360 version’s.

And now, the Left 4 Dead “Survival Guide.”


  • Teamwork: If you’ve played even just one campaign in Left 4 Dead all the way through, you’ll have already noticed the huge emphasis on teamwork in the game.  That being said, if you are playing online, even with people you don’t know, you should always, always use your microphone.  By use I don’t mean have it plugged in.  You should be talking to your teammates, telling them where to go next, or who needs to be healed, or to alert them of a nearby boomer.  Without this important element, your team won’t get very far.  In addition to the “communication” part of teamwork, you should also be ready to make sacrifices in order to save your teammates.  Don’t be afraid to give up your medkit to help out a guy in red, even if you’re already in yellow.  The team only functions at 100% if all members are there helping, and, when one guy goes down, a respective 25% of the team’s efficiency is dropped as well.
  • Variety: Use a bit of variety when selecting your weapons.  Don’t let everybody just grab the shotgun.  Stick with the weapons you’re good at, but don’t limit yourself to just one.  You’ll need close ranged weapons and long ranged ones in almost every single circumstance, so its good to diversify your team’s loadout.
  • Melee: Whether you’re fighting common infected or specials, the melee button is a very important one to remember.  Sure, you can kill infected in one shot simply pulling the trigger, but by only relying on the trigger button, you’ll be subject to a continuous stream of damage from the infected that you haven’t shot yet.  Meleeing will knock infected back long enough for you to take a few out and melee more back again.  When done correctly, you will take significantly less damage if you remember the melee button than if you only stick with the trigger button.
  • Listen: Each infected type is signaled by a unique sound cue.  Listen for these sounds attentively, and it will be difficult to be caught off guard.  Playing loud music while simultaneously playing Left 4 Dead is not recommended.

Common Infected Tactics:Common Infected

  • Listen: Common infected will make weird noises when milling about on the roads and in houses, but what will signal a horde rush is a noticeable change in the background music.  The music will become much more fast-paced, and, when the horde picks up, the music will become frantic, with a quick steady beat in the background.
  • Kill from Afar: When milling about, commons are easy to pick off with either the Assault Rifle, Hunting Rifle, or the Pistol.  Using the Uzi, Shotgun, or Auto-Shotgun will work, but will be significantly less effective.  It should be noted that the commons that are milling about are very easy to take out, but if you miss a few, be prepared to lose a few health points, because they can sneak up on you before you know it.  This rule applies to horde rushes as well, as a horde rush can be easily dealt with if all team members concentrate their fire on the horde as it rushes.  However, not all hordes will come from a long distance, and, more often than not, they’ll rush through a room right next to your group and this advice will go out the window.
  • Cornered: Being cornered is not in any way shape or form, a bad thing.  Being cornered (literally, being forced into the intersection of two perpendicular walls) will help you in more ways than one.  First, you won’t have to worry about infected coming from behind.  Second, there’s a good chance that you can escape without taking any damage, as long as you constantly melee the horde.  Third, you won’t be a drain on your teammates because you are almost self-sufficient for a small amount of time.  However, hiding in a corner alone isn’t a game winning tactic, and you’ll have to move some time.  Using this strategy will only help during rushes.

Meet the zombie horde: eerily fast, sensitive to loud noises and movement, and able to attack in ravenous waves.  Luckily, you’ll be given helpful warnings throughout the game to avoid horde attacks.

Hunter Tactics: Hunter

  • Listen: Hunters don’t change the background music, but they can easily be identified by a low growling noise, as well as a high-pitched screeching noise when they pounce.  Hunters will only emit the growl when they are crouched, and will only screech when they have pounced.  When you hear either, alert your teammates.
  • Kill from Afar: While difficult to do, killing Hunters from afar is not impossible.  It will save you a lot of time and trouble by simply shooting a Hunter from a distance rather than wait for it to get up close.
  • Melee: While killing Hunters with your gun is enjoyable and easy, it is sometimes more beneficial for your teammates’ (and your own) health if you melee the Hunter first, and then gun it down.  This applies to Hunters who are jumping at you, and to Hunters who are already pinning one of your teammates.  Meleeing will instantly knock them backwards or off of your friends, and will stun them for a few seconds, alllowing you to pop them quickly before moving onwards.
  • Pinned: In the event that a Hunter successfully pins you, don’t scream at your teammates.  They are more likely to help you if you calmly alert them that there is, in fact, a Hunter ripping your guts out at the moment.  If said Hunter kills you, its alright to get a little heated, but don’t take it out on your teammates (unless they sat there and literally watched you die).  Whether you’re on a ledge and they don’t have Line of Sight, or they’re getting rushed at the time, or are possibly even blinded by Boomer Bile, sometimes it’s just really difficult for your teammates to give up their own well-being long enough to save your ass.

Boomer Tactics:Boomer

  • Listen: Like Hunters, Boomers will not change the background music.  They will, however, emit disgusting gurgling noises wherever they go, and are really easy to hear if you pay attention.
  • Kill from Afar: This is a must for Boomers.  If you see a Boomer, or maybe just the Boomer’s enormous gut, take a shot at it, even if you don’t have a big chance of hitting it.  Boomers have very little health, and shooting the Boomer from afar will kill it faster than you realize.  Taking these Boomers out will save you from at least one or more horde rushes.
  • Dodge: When Boomers get close enough to you to vomit, you can try to hide behind a wall, door, or really any object big enough to shield you.  This will block the vomit and will give you a chance to beat back the Boomer and take him out.  I’ve dodged many a Boomer’s Bile attacks by simply closing the door in his face.
  • Melee: If a Boomer winds up directly in front of you, don’t panic and unload on him with your gun.  This will cause him to explode and will cover you and any nearby teammates with Boomer Bile, blinding you and summoning the horde.  Instead, take your time to melee the Boomer, who will be stunned and will be pushed several feet backwards.  After you melee him, take a few steps backwards yourself, and, when no teammates are near it, blow the monster to pieces.
  • Slimed: If you are unfortunate enough to get covered in bile, again, don’t panic.  Take time to find a corner and dig in there, spamming melee if you have to.  This is another time when teamwork is important.  When you are blinded, you can’t see where your teammates are by using the little blue, orange, or red outlines.  You’ll have to rely on communication to find out where your friends are, and whether they’re being eaten by a Hunter or not.

Smoker Tactics: Smoker

  • Listen: Smokers will change the background music and will also emit their own characteristic sounds.  A Smoker will be “announced” to players by a quick out of place piano note.  While its difficult to pick out of the background music, this subtle note will alert survivors of the Smoker’s presence, and looking for this sound will without doubt increase your chances of survival.  In addition, Smoker’s emit coughing noises, as well as strange slurping sounds whenever they attack.
  • Kill from Afar: This is perhaps the most difficult class to kill from afar, but knowing how to find a Smoker and take it out is a necessary skill.  If a teammate gets dragged and is too far away to save, trace the tongue that is dragging him, crouch down when you’ve spotted the Smoker, and take several burst shots until the Smoker dies in a cloud of smoke.  Don’t try this with a shotgun…  You can also shoot the tongue if you can’t find the Smoker, although the tongue is harder to hit than the actual Smoker.
  • Melee: Meleeing the Smoker, or his victim, is the easiest and quickest way to get rid of him.  When he grabs an ally, all you have to do is walk up to that ally and melee him or her, which will break the Smoker’s hold.  If the Smoker is closer to you than the ally is, you can alternatively walk up to the Smoker and smack him in the face, which will not only release his hold, but will also stun him, allowing you a few seconds to take him out.
  • Dragged: Like the Hunter, if you find yourself being dragged by a Smoker, don’t panic.  Take time to alert your teammates calmly, and give them time to find you and either melee you or take out the Smoker.  If they don’t know that meleeing the Smoker’s victim will free said victim, it helps to let them know, but don’t be a jerk about it.  Smokers do less damage than a Hunter, so if a team has to prioritize, let them kill any pouncing Hunters first.

Tank Tactics: Tank

  • Listen: Tanks will change the background music drastically.  It will become even more frantic than when the horde is upon you, and the Tank’s unique music will override any other cues, making it difficult to pick out a Smoker or a Boomer when you’re getting attacked by a Tank.  Tanks can also be found if you hear a strange growling noise.  It’s difficult to describe, but, if you enter a room, hear the noise, and then the Tank’s music starts, you’ll know what it sounds like.  Unfortunately, it seems that whenever you hear the Tank’s growling, you are already too close, and the music will start even if you backtrack.
  • Kill from Afar: This is without doubt the most important advice for killing a Tank.  Don’t let a Tank get close to you, and you’ll be fine.  Survivors in green health will be able to outrun any Tank except a Tank in Expert mode, which will run as fast as the green survivors.  If you’re in red or yellow, you aren’t screwed, but you do have to be more careful.  Use the environment to cut corners and run in small windows or doors that may slow down the Tank.  Tanks will generally pick a target and chase it until it either gets too far away or it dies.  It’s run-and-gun when dealing with a Tank, and if you’re not its target, you should be crouching and shooting, so you can get more shots in.
  • Molotovs: Molotovs are very effective on Tanks, but should really only be used when playing in either Advanced or Expert Campaign mode.  When a Tank is on fire, the fire doesn’t deal any additional damage, but instead sets the Tank on a “timer.”  After the timer runs out, the Tank will die, regardless of how much damage it took.  Shooting a Tank while it’s on fire will kill it just as fast as shooting a Tank that isn’t on fire.  On Expert mode, its often easiest to just light the Tank and run, as Expert Tanks have a ton of health.
  • Cornered: Getting cornered by a Tank isn’t something you want to shoot for, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re dead.  Alert your teammates, and have them stand behind the Tank while they unload on it.  If they respond quick enough, you may just survive.  In Versus mode, if you’re downed, the Tank player will generally leave you and go attack your other teammates.  It’s a good idea to revive any downed teammates whenever you get the chance during a fight with a Tank, because if you all get downed, you’ll lose.

Witch Tactics:Witch

  • Listen: Witches can be distinguished by their crying.  It will intensify and the music will get creepier as you get closer.  Using these music changes will help you avoid the Witch, even if you never set eyes upon her.  When she has been startled, she’ll start making a strange scream, and the music will become frantic.
  • Avoid: If you’re able to, just bypass the Witch.  She isn’t worth the trouble.
  • Kill from Afar: If you can’t walk past her, you might have to gun her down.  Under certain circumstances your team can simultaneously open fire on the Witch and she will die before she reaches your group.  However, these circumstances are few and far between, so don’t count on having the advantage of distance all the time.  Alternatively, one player can startle the Witch and run, and, provided the Witch doesn’t reach the runner, you’ll come out of the encounter unscathed.  This method is a bit too chaotic, however, and isn’t recommended.
  • Crown’d: The Crown’d method is the best way to take a Witch out if sneaking isn’t an option.  To do this, you’ll need a Shotgun.  One-shotting the Witch is easiest with the pump-action Shotgun, but is possible with both.  What you’ll need to do is sneak up behind the Witch, wait for her to look around at you and stand up, and then pump a few rounds into her head.  Don’t stop to see if you got her in one shot, because the moment she turns around, you’re downed.
  • Molotovs: The only reason you should be using a Molotov on the Witch is to get the achievement.  Other than that, don’t be an idiot and try to light her on fire…

Witches only want to be left alone so they can enjoy a good cry. They hate fl ashlights and loud noises, but what they hate more than anything is being shot at. If you hear the Witch’s tell tale sobs, turn off your flashlights and try to sneak around her. If she starts to get angry, her growl will let you know she’s close to attacking.

Tips N4G


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Beat the “No Mercy” Finale on Expert Mode!

Posted by haunt506e on November 27, 2008

Left 4 DeadJust found this video earlier today when me and my buds were stuck on the No Mercy Finale.  Yeah, it’s a cheap way of “winning,” but we had been fighting for hours and two of us had to leave because it was getting late.  So if you’re stuck and really want that Zombicidal Maniac achievement, check out this video and it’s a sure fire way of beating No Mercy’s finale.  Of course, you’ll have to get to the finale first, which isn’t easily achieved either.  For the actual chapters of No Mercy, just stay close together, avoid friendly fire, don’t use medi-kits until absolutely necessary, and remember the melee button!  This video is not mine, I’ll be posting its notes, authors, etc. in a quote box directly after the video.

Found by – XxGaMeRJUNKIExX
Others In Video – Louis, Derka506, sharpfire122.
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Band – Rob Zombie
Song – White Zombie
Aim: ZeroGreaterThan
Gamertag: XxGaMeRJUNKIExX
– Disclaimer –
All the following material is being used with permission from Valve and Powered by Source. ©2008.

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Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Guide

Posted by haunt506e on November 17, 2008

Gears of War 2Gears of War 2 Multiplayer GuideGears of War 2 is a third person shooter characterized not only by its enormously gritty and gory hyper-violent game play, but also by the game mechanics that have made it into one of the best games of this year. The whole “get into cover or you’ll die” thing going on with Gears 2 works extremely well, and the cover system in Gears 2 has been put into a much greater light now than in the original Gears, thanks in part to the nerfing of the infamous Gnasher Shotgun.  

And so, Gears of War 2’s game play, while using theoretically the same formula as the original, plays much differently.  You may find it very frustrating in multiplayer to be chainsawed to death for the twentieth time after trying to shotgun rush the opposing team. Well, in short, a lot of things (such as shotgun rushing) don’t work in Gears 2 like they did in Gears 1.  This guide will serve as a way to bridge the gap and possibly help you become better prepared for your next multiplayer encounter in Gears of War 2.  A knowledge of common battlefield strategies, ie: flanking, taking cover, etc., is assumed.

In addition to various battlefield maneuvers, I’m assuming that you’ve played a first person or third person shooter before and are familiar with its basic concepts, controls, etc.  I won’t go into detail on map or level design, specific movements, etc., but rather on how to handle situations based on which weapon you find yourself carrying.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Guide.  Feel free to comment on my guide and add your own tips to the mix.


  • Gears of War 2 is very different from the original.  Do not, under any circumstances, associate the game play of one game with the game play of the other.  They do look and feel the same, but the weapons fire differently in each game and after you have become accustomed to one version, you must completely change your play style to fit the other.
  • Cover: They give it to you for a reason.  Maps are set up in such a way that cover is always plentiful, and should be used for suppressing fire, flanking maneuvers, etc.  While you should be using cover for protection, that doesn’t mean sit there and unload clip after clip on the enemy.  Use cover to slowly work your way around the enemy’s main force, and move into closer range where the lancer and the shotgun are much more effective.  I’ll get into each weapon’s pros/cons later.
  • Rushing: Rushing in Gears 2 does not work, and should be avoided.  You can rush an enemy’s position if given enough covering fire or if a pathway opens up, but do not, I repeat, do not just rush the enemy that’s firing straight at you.  All weapons in the game exhibit some sense of stopping power, meaning as you run at an enemy who is firing at you, you will get pushed backwards, running much slower.
  • Communication: Teamwork is obviously essential to winning a match online in Gears of War 2.  Whether you’re coordinating an assault or organizing a strategic retreat, it is important that you talk to your teammates.  Even if you don’t know the people on your team, a simple, “Watch the left side,” or “Grenade!” will increase the longevity of your team and your chances of winning.
  • I could go on and on about different Gears of War 2 tactics, but these tactics will change depending on which weapon you are using, and I will go into more detail on each specific weapon next.

Weapon Tactics:

  • LancerLancer: The game’s standard issue assault rifle, the lancer soon becomes both the newbie and the veteran’s best friend.  It can lay down some heavy mid-range covering fire and functions almost better than the shotgun in most close range situations, and is all around a well balanced weapon.  Where it fails is at long range.  Keep that in mind, and you should be able to use the lancer to its full extent.  When using the lancer, your ultimate goal should be to close the distance between you and your target, where you can either chainsaw them to pieces or gun them down at close range, where the lancer excels.  Doing this actually isn’t that difficult.  By using cover to your advantage, and with the help of your team, you can easily flank an enemy’s position, get to the side of their cover where you can get some shots off, and just unload on your target.  If you’re getting rushed while holding the lancer, no need to panick, the stopping power from your gun will slow down the rusher, causing him to fall flat at your feet before he even becomes a threat.  Keep up the active reloads and the accuracy and you’ll be holding one of the most deadly weapons on the battlefield.
  • GnasherGnasher: Gears of War 2 has nerfed the traditional Gears of War shotgun, making it significantly less powerful and slower than the original weapon.  That doesn’t mean that the gun is worthless, however.  In most cases, the shotgun has more range than people think, and I know from personal experience that it can outgun a lancer at mid-range (I’m talking less than 10ft, just out of chainsaw range).  Keep it handy, and you can use it if you’re close enough to an enemy to deliver the killing blow, but maybe there is some cover in they way or it’s too dangerous to clear the distance between yourself and your target in order to chainsaw said target.  The gnasher is useful in these select circumstances, and, while it has potential, I don’t see it as an incredibly useful weapon.  It is always my first choice in Gears 2 to drop the shotgun for a different weapon, rather than the lancer, as I did in Gears of War 1.
  • Hammerburst: Like the Lancer, this gun is incredibly effective at mid-range combat.  However, it takes a bit more skill than the lancer, seeing as its a single shot weapon.  In addition, it does not feature a chainsaw.  In an out and out duel between Lancer and Hammerburst, in which both guns start firing at the same time, the Hammerburst will win, not only because it is more accurate, but also because it is more powerful, and consequently offers more stopping power. You use it in much the same way as the lancer, but it is better to stick to the mid-range to long-range when using this gun, as it does not feature a chainsaw and the only close-range capability of the weapon is the standard melee.  This tends to be my standard starting weapon, but I would not recommend it to players who are just getting a feel for the game, mainly because it does not have a chainsaw bayonet.
  • Snub PistolPistols: The pistols are not very effective by themselves, and I don’t recommend charging into a room using the pistol and the melee button. However, when used in conjunction with a shield, meat or boom, they can be devastating.  My personal favorite is the Gorgon, but each pistol has its pros and cons and fire differently, but overall they equal out in most respects.  The standard Snub pistol fires quickly, but its shots don’t do a whole lot of damage and its clip is somewhat small (it’ll also usually require two clips to down somebody).  Boltok pistols, also called revolvers, are very powerful pistols, but fire very slow and again, have a small clip size (you can kill somebody with less than one clip though).  The final pistol, the Gorgon pistol, is an automatic pistol that fires one clip at a time, emptying an entire clip before switching to the next one.  This pistol only has four clips, meaning it will run out after you squeeze the trigger four times.  In addition, it takes a long time to switch clips, meaning that you will have to wait about two seconds in between bursts.  However, it only takes about two well-aimed bursts to down an enemy using this pistol, even less if you’ve scored an active.
  • Frag GrenadesGrenades: Grenades are a little underpowered in Gears of War 2, but are still useful for flushing enemies out of cover or putting pressure on enemies who you might be flanking.  The idea behind the regular frag grenade is not necessarily to kill them outright, but to stun them and deal significant damage so that you can finish off your target with little difficulty.  With the Ink Grenade, the premise is almost exactly the same, but the Ink cloud tends to make enemies move more, and will give you a better chance at intercepting them or catching them offguard.  The new smoke/stun grenade is very unique in that it also knockdowns your enemy, making it one of the best grenades available.  This grenade can be used to rush “chainsawers,” “shotgunners,” or really anybody.  All grenades may be stuck to surfaces and will act as mines, but the only one that you should actually do this with is the frag grenade.
  • Flamethrower: If there is a flamethrower on the map you are playing on, pick it up.  Currently, this weapon is so unbalanced it isn’t even funny.  It will out-shoot any gun at mid-range, and while it’s range is limited, if you’re within say, 15 feet of a guy with a flamethrower, you’re pretty much dead.  As far as tactics go with this weapon, it functions like the shotgun.  Get in close, but not too close (watch for chainsaws).  The flamethrower’s only pitfall is that it has very poor stopping power.  This doesn’t usually matter since it kills your enemies so extremely fast, however, and it’s pure power will make up for any of its shortcomings.
  • LongshotLongshot: The game’s sniper rifle, the Longshot Rifle, is very effective when you’re good with it.  For beginners, I would use it mainly as a support weapon, using it to damage enemies from afar that your friendlies are currently engaging with in close or mid-range combat.  When you start getting better with this weapon, you’ll be getting head shots more often, making it one of the most dangerous weapons on the battlefield, even moreso than the Lancer.  In the right hands, a Longshot can make or break your team, and ensuring that your team maintains control of a sniper rifle is paramount to your success.  Unfortunately, the Longshot is terrible at close range (understandable), has a one shot clip, and is only effective when in the proper hands.  In addition, rushing with a Longshot is just…  stupid.
  • Boomshot: The Boomshot rocket launcher has been almost entirely redone, this time much less powerful, and fits better into the whole scheme of things.  The Boom is pretty unique in its uses, as it can only really be used if you have an open shot on your target (ie: you’re above your target or behind or to the side of your target).  Therefore, flanking maneuvers are very important if you are to use the Boom effectively.  I wouldn’t rely solely on the Boomshot in any situation, as its reload time is pretty slow and its damage, while powerful, is somewhat inconsistent, killing foes it should have only damaged and damaging foes it should have killed.  The Boom is definitely not high on my list of “good” weapons.
  • Torque BowTorque Bow:The Torque functions almost exactly like the Longshot, except the Torque, instead of a scope, uses a laser targeting system. Some people like this weapon better than the Longbow because while it is harder to use for most, if it hits it delivers an instant kill to the target, regardless of where on the target’s body it lands.  It sounds great, but, again, like the Longshot, accuracy with the Torque is achieved through practice, and this weapon, even moreso than the Longshot, only becomes useful when you become pretty well acquainted with how it works.  In addition, it is a little better at close range than the Longshot, seeing as you can back up while blind-firing the weapon with relative accuracy.  Other than that, both guns fire similarly and similar tactics should be used when handling either gun.  Just a note, if you’re using the Torque and there’s a known sniper in the area, be careful.  Snipers can pick off inexperienced Torques with relative ease, as the Torque has to expose his entire body to aim and fire the weapon.
  • Hammer of Dawn: I’ll be quite brief with the Hammer, because I’ve only seen it on one map, a map on which I’ve only actually used the weapon once: Jacinto.  Unfortunately, EPIC has brought the Hammer down to its knees.  I was expecting EPIC to bring the Hammer down a notch or two, but not all the way down to the floor on which it now lies, face down.  Not only is the Hammer a little less powerful, it also has an ammunition bar, that runs out extremely quickly.  So it’s pretty much the Hammer from Gears 1 with a time limit, totalling at about less than 10 seconds of continuous use.  It does have its uses though, while it lasts, namely bunker busting.  It can be used to flush enemies out of cover very quickly, killing stragglers instantly.  When used in conjuction with teammates’ Lancers, Longshots, Hammerbursts, and Torque Bows, the Hammer is a devastating support weapon. However, it just doesn’t last long enough nor does it appear in enough maps to be considered worthwhile.
  • MulcherMulcher: The Mulcher is a very unique weapon.  It’s extremely powerful, and can quickly mow down any advancing enemies or enemies who have carelessly stepped out too far into the open.  However, you are extremely vulnerable and immobile while using this weapon, making you a prime target for just about any mid to long-range gun.  For this reason, I label the Mulcher as a support gun.  It excels at laying down covering fire and at picking off the occasional bad guy who has strayed too far away from the team, but should not be used as a carry-around Lancer-like weapon.  Flanking maneuvers are easy to make against a Mulcher, and as a Mulcher Gunner, you need to keep this in mind (frag grenades work well to seal off flanking points).  Keep your teammates close when you’re carrying the Mulcher, and you should be fine.
  • Mortar: Mortars in most games are considered long-range support weapons, and the Mortar in Gears of War 2 is not acception.  Like the Mulcher, the Mortar makes its user highly immobile and vulnerable, even moreso than the Mulcher because in order to use the Mortar correctly, you must be somewhat distanced from the rest of the battle.  For this reason, enemies can pick off lone Mortar Gunners with extreme ease, so try to keep your position relatively secure when firing off Mortar shells.  Other than that, skill with the Mortar can only come with experience, as you must find out how long the trigger must be held in order to hit at certain distances, how to bring in timing into the equation, etc.  When used correctly, the Mortar is perhaps even more dangerous than the Mulcher, serving mainly as a bunker buster.

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