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  • Hello and welcome to The Update.  If you haven’t already realized it, The Update is a WordPress blog devoted entirely to keeping its viewers constant on everything gaming, be it news, reviews, previews, game guides, or otherwise.  Blog posts will usually be made daily, and reviews when available.  It’s our goal to not just provide the news, but to provide it in a great format along with our own writer commentaries.  Comments are very much appreciated and encouraged, let us know what you think.
  • In addition to the blog here at The Update, we also produce a weekly podcast known as Update This.  This podcast goes over everything gaming, and supplies listeners with more extensive video game news, commentaries, previews, game guides, tips and tricks, reviews, and more.  For the time being, we will do our best to make this podcast available to our listeners before Friday every week, but this is not guaranteed.  Check our podcast page for more information.
  • The blog is being updated constantly, and new features are constantly being uncovered and installed.  Look forward to new blog posts and new blog updates almost daily.


  • You can contact the blog’s owner (Haunt) using any of these methods:
  • Email:
  • MSN:
  • AIM: Fxdm506e

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  • You can view the Blog’s Twitter feed with this link or by clicking on The Update logo, which is located on the top of the left column of the blog.  Twitter followers are much appreciated and recieve my thanks!


  • Here at The Update, we try not to just attach a number to a game and move on.  The scoring system still relies somewhat on a numerical score, but we try to migrate away from the conventional scoring method by adding two words onto the score, and only displaying those two words, rather than the score.  The first word determines how fun a game is to play, as well as its features, graphics, music, etc.  The second word deals with its replayabiliy and value, whether the game is simply a “rental,” or maybe a “buy.”
  • The first word is an adjective, there are a total of 5 different choices available:
  1. Great! (90-100%)
  2. Good (80-90%)
  3. Average (70-80%)
  4. Poor (50-70%)
  5. Terrible (0-50%)
  • In addition to these five adjectives, a base word will also be added.  This can be one of the following:
  1. Rental
  2. Buy
  • And so, the final score on an example would be, “Great Rental,” or “Poor Buy.”

Friends of The Update:

  • Jake’s Show – Jake hosts a daily live stream answering a vast multitude of tech questions.
  • To be posted on The Update’s friends, send a message to the above-mentioned email address with your site’s url, name, etc…  This friends list is a mutual deal though, I’ll link to your site if you link to mine.
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