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Open Discussion – Mass Effect 2 Lightyears Ahead of Dragon Age

Posted by haunt506e on February 1, 2010

Just figured I’d go ahead and throw that out there. Having played both of Bioware’s recent releases, I’ve noticed what appears to be a disparity in quality between the two. In one corner lies Dragon Age, which fits the basic model of a Bioware release, yet falls short in numerous ways. In the other lies Mass Effect, which excels in every area possible. Why are the production standards so much different?

Sure, both projects were worked on by different teams and the like, but both should have been given equal peace of mind. Mass Effect’s graphics are more polished, its sound of a higher quality, its voice overs superior, and its combat much more interesting. Mass Effect even just seems to flow so much better. Dragon Age, on the other hand, suffers from weak graphics, average voice acting, and bland background sounds. Dragon Age’s side quests feel like a chore, whereas I wonder whether I will be able to complete Mass Effect’s main story arch without first finishing all of the side stories.

So why the disparity? Was Dragon Age rushed so as not to take sales away from Mass Effect? Voice your opinion, let us know the reason.


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