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Open Discussion – Facebook on Xbox Live

Posted by haunt506e on November 23, 2009

A recent update has added several new features to Xbox Live, available exclusively to Gold Members, as far as I am aware.  This bundle of apps includes access to Facebook, Twitter, Zune HD, and  But my question for you is this: Are these applications even useful?

Obviously they’re a marketing ploy to get more potential users to become Gold Members, but does putting Facebook onto the Xbox add that much to its value?  Ordinarily, if the developer team had set it up “correctly,” I would say yes.  However, Facebook on the Xbox 360 is too cumbersome and overall useless to make Gold Members look like they’re getting an even better deal.  For starters, players may only access the four new features from the dashboard.  So, if you want to check statuses, you will have to exit out of the game you’re playing and switch over to the Facebook app.  All total that ordeal will blow anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes of gaming time.  You can just as easily stand up, walk over to your PC, open up your web browser and navigate to Facebook, all under 2 or 3 minutes.  In addition, the Xbox 360 app is incredibly limited, allowing you to do very little in the way of navigating friends’ posts, pictures, etc…

What would I have done?  I wouldn’t have tried to add Facebook, Twitter, or  The Zune thing isn’t as bad as the other apps, but is still a waste.  If I absolutely had to add any of these apps, I would certainly have made them accessible through the Guide Button.  These four new apps will be appreciated for a few days or weeks, then quickly forgotten, along with all of the work that went into making them available.

What do you think?  Is there any potential for these new applications?


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