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Halo Wars Confirmed Release Date

Posted by haunt506e on November 6, 2008

Today Microsoft has announced, in addition to Halo Wars’s release date window of February, that, like Halo 3, the game will be sold in different editions.  While Halo Wars’s release won’t be as robust as that of Halo 3, it will still feature 2 different versions of the game: standard and collector’s.  However, these different editions will not be priced as high as Halo 3’s collector editions, and the highest edition of Halo Wars has a price set at $79.99.  It’s kind of a gimmick in my opinion to go out and buy a “collector’s” edition of a game, but if it sells, then I don’t see why not.  I bought the Halo 3 collector’s edition (not the legendary) for $69.99 last year in September, and, while at first I was diggin’ the metallic case and all that, now it’s kind of a waste, especially because it won’t fit with the rest of my games in my games rack thing.  I probably won’t be buying anymore collector’s edition games for a while.  But hey, if you’re into that kind of collecting thing, more power to you.

Standard Edition ($59.99):

-Game Disc

-Instruction Manual

Collector’s Edition ($79.99):

-Game Disc

-Instruction Manual

-Halo 3 Mythic Map Pack

-Bonus In-Game Vehicle, the Honor Guard Wraith

-6 Cards describing the various major in-game characters

-A “Spirit of Fire” Crewmember Patch

-The Halo Wars: Genesis Graphic Novel

In addition to these features, if you preorder the game at select retailers, you’ll get a free download code for an in-game Warthog with flaming decals.  I look forward to the release of Halo Wars early next year, and am ready to kick some Covenant ass in a larger scale.


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