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Gears of War 2, PreRelease Preview

Posted by haunt506e on November 6, 2008

For those who are purchasing Gears of War 2 tomorrow for the Xbox 360, you may or may not know about the additional bonus maps that will come with the game.  Yep, that’s right, a map pack from day 1.  EPIC is including a code that you can use to download 5 additional maps for Gears of War 2, all of which are simply Gears of War 1 maps that have been re-imagined for the sequel.  I’ll post up some comparison pictures to show the differences, most of which are pretty subtle, but make the maps more diverse.  The re-imagined maps look great, as do the 10 maps that will be shipped out on the actual disc, and I look forward to playing with my buds online.  If you hover your mouse over the picture, it’ll tell you which one is the original Gears map and which one is the re-imagined map, but, if you’ve played the game before, it shouldn’t be too difficult to discern.



One more thing I’d like to bring up is a preview on the various game modes in Gears of War 2.  Most of the original Gears of War modes, such as Warzone, Execution, and Annex, will be making an appearance on Gears of War 2, with the addition of a few new game types, all of which have been very well received by the community.  The Capture the Flag game type joins the game, with a twist.  Now, instead of carrying a flag, you must capture a gun-wielding stranded, who’s not all that happy about a bunch of COGs pushing him around.  In Wingman, you and a buddy participate in large battles of five two person teams pitted against one another in a sort of Execution variant.  Horde takes the cake as the best new game type, especially when played with your friends.  In Horde, you and 4 other players face off against wave after wave of AI controlled Locust bots, which increase in number and difficulty over time, and should make for some very challenging and interesting game play scenarios.


Lastly, I’d like to talk about the new party system that will be featured in Gears of War 2.  In Gears 1, it seemed a pretty big hastle to play a match with your friends, even in Player matches (in Ranked matches it was near impossible).  Now, EPIC has added a party match-making system, not unlike that of Halo 3.  While the party size is limited to 5 players for Gears of War, you will still be able to enter into a playlist with your friends and match up with a similarly ranked team to compete in whichever game type you’ve chosen.  The Veto feature will also be present, allowing you 2 vetos instead of just one.


Expect all of these great features, and maybe even a few surprises, when you pick up Gears of War 2 this Friday (that’s tomorrow).  I’ll be online duking it out with the rest of the Gears of War community, and expect me to have a full review up in a few days. IGN has posted a video with the comparisons if you’d like to check that out, I would have embedded it here but the html on wordpress wasn’t coming up right…  Regardless, check back for my first impressions tomorrow.



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